‘Listen-Only’ Conference PIN

Take control of your conference with our powerful 'Listen-Only' PINs

Con-Flab has many nifty features. One of those is our 'Listen-Only' conference PIN.

While normal 'Participant' PINs allow EVERYONE in the chat to take part, sometimes this might not be ideal. If you wanted to limit the number of people who can talk in the conference, or preferred for you to be the only one talking, then 'Listen-Only' PINS are the perfect tool for the job.

Provide your participants with a 'Listen-Only' PIN and they'll only have the ability to listen to what's said in the conference but not contribute themselves.

This is the perfect option for large conferences such as webinars, lectures, sermons and any other form of conference where people can listen to what you have to say but not talk back.

It's also handy for anyone who simply wants to monitor a conference call. Create a conference call today and discover how great ‘Listen-Only’ PINS can be.

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How our conference PINs work:

‘Administrator’ PIN (You)

Your ‘Administrator’ PIN grants you full control over your conference. You decide who can talk, who can only listen, and loads more.

'Participant' PIN (Contributers)

Anyone with a ‘Participant’ PIN can listen to you and are free to talk back.

Listen-Only PIN (Audience)

'List-Only' PIN holders can ony listen to you or any ‘Participants‘ and can’t be heard if they try to talk back.

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