Why is a conference call facility essential for today's businesses?

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Operating a profitable business has never been easy, but in today’s global environment we are competing against multinationals with big budgets and global reach, our margins are squeezed even thinner.

Small gains in efficiency can have a big impact on our bottom line.

That's why conference calling is considered to be an important business asset. Your business' profitability will be improved any time you can make a cost saving and improve communication between your team, customers and suppliers.

Business travel has become expensive and arguably more dangerous.

The price of petrol has risen to historic highs and the cost of train travel has increased above the rate of inflation. Not only that, but the threat of terrorism at our travel hubs is now a constant worry for travellers and their families. Companies have become more geographically dispersed. Workgroups that may have formerly been in different parts of the same building might now be in different parts of the country, or even different parts of the world. Suppliers, developers and customer support are often located outside of the UK.

E-mail can help but it will never replace personal contact.

There's no way to be sure that you have communicated your ideas effectively in writing. Even Internet chat cannot replace the give-and-take of a real face-to-face conversation. Whereas, conference calling provides the best solution and the greatest degree of understanding. There's no argument about whether conference calling is a clever technology or not. The real question is how can conference calling be an asset to your business?

Firstly, conference calling is an excellent way to provide secure and private communication.

Most people work from a variety of locations and from many different devices, PC’s, mobile phones, landlines and SIP / soft phones. A conference call traverses all these devices and is accessible all the time on every device, from every country in the world. Nothing else is so accessible, dependable or as easy to use.

Conference calling links all your remote workgroups.

It allows them to collaborate on almost any subject. Sales teams can now hold weekly ‘over the phone’ meetings to review performance. Weekly catch-ups and team reviews are possible and affordable too. Conference calling is an outstanding way to accomplish a quick gathering If you need to discuss an issue and get to a quick decision. You're not requiring anyone to travel or even leave their office. Their participation is as simple as picking up a telephone.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from conference calling, it’s no longer a tool for large corporates.

Con-Flab is the easiest and most reliable conference system in the UK with hundreds of thousands of users enjoying the cost-free convenience it offers. Other providers require a credit card to access their application or restrict phone access to an expensive short-code like the one used by Powwownow which cost 15p a minute. Given many conferences are accessed from mobile phones and have an average of 6 people calling with 4 from mobile, cost of access is a consideration. Let’s consider 4 people calling from their mobile on the Powwownow system on a 40-minute call, the cost would be a staggering £24. Con-Flab offers mobile users a cost-free 0333 number allowing them to conference for free using their inclusive mobile minutes!

In today’s marketing led buiness environment, image is everything and branding is undeniably part of a company’s success.

Many conference calls involve your suppliers and customers so having your own personalised and branded conference tool is a powerful branding tool as well as a great way to communicate. It imparts stature and trust amongst your employees and customer alike. Con-Flab’s sister product YapYap offers fixed cost branded conferencing for image conscious and marketing focused companies that are both big and small.

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