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Everyone knows that meetings are time consuming, a pain to arrange and hit to the bank balance as well.

Organising them takes ages as you need to find the right venue, figure out a time that is good for all parties involved as well as spend time sorting out travel arrangements. They also cost you a lot of money and in order for your business to be as profitable as possible you should always be looking to reduce outgoing costs and make your business more efficient.

No more travel costs

Forget rising petrol prices, train fares and other transportation costs by eliminating the need to travel completely. Stay at the office and organise a conference call to save money and even reduce your carbon footprint.

Get back wasted hours

A meeting that you have to travel to may only be an hour long but it doesn’t take an hour out of your schedule. Organising the meeting, organising travel and travelling to and from the meeting are just a few ways that eat into your valuable time. Organising a conference call is as easy as sending out a few emails with a date and time, organising travel is really simple because you won’t be going anywhere and the time taken to travel to your meeting is the time it takes to pick up a phone. Over the course of the year you are going to save days in needless work time wasted on meetings.

Saves on having to hire or maintain expensive meeting places

It doesn’t matter how many people you want to talk to on a conference call because you don’t need to worry about how you are going to fit them all in one room. Forget having to hire expensive meeting spaces and forget keeping your own meeting space kitted out, heated and supplied with power because you no longer need meeting spaces at all.


The most important thing to remember about Con-Flab is that its free to use, you can’t get cheaper than that!

Set up your conference via our website or our free iPhone and Android apps and the only costs you will ever incur are your phone costs. But even there we’re saving you money. When calling from a landline you will be calling our 084 number which is cheaper to call than a local rate BT number. When calling from a mobile we offer a number that is included in your contract’s inclusive minutes so there are no hidden fees by calling expensive paid numbers.

There really is no downside to using conference calls to replace your meetings and there certainly is no reason not to try it today.

Set up a conference and see how much you could save.

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