Is it possible to run a business from your mobile phone?

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The mobile revolution has not passed unnoticed by businesses. Entrepreneurship requires unconventional thinking if you want to reach the stars. Harnessing the full potential of your mobile phone is a necessity so that you can do your business from anywhere in the world, where you have access to wi-fi or a data connection.

What do you need?

Moving your entire business to your phone is a big step. You need a good phone, strong Internet connection and a handful of apps which you can build your day-to-day operations. Luckily, you can tick all the boxes and set your mobile-run business up without much trouble. It is advisable that you choose a phone which is neither too large or too small, so it can both rest comfortably in your pocket and is convenient to type on. Of course, you’re probably not keeping your phone in your pocket for too long if you are using it as your primary business device.

Transferring your business to your mobile phone is simplified by the presence of hundreds of apps and tools you can use to organise your workload. These ensure your business continuation without disruption of the working process. One common doubt arises from the insecurity over where you can store your data properly. Dropbox, for example, is a wonderful tool to store important files. It is a cloud-based system so all your information is stored securely without the danger of losing it due to a technical issue in your computer system. True, there are data security concerns you should not overlook, especially in the wake of a strings of cyberattacks happening since the start of the 2017. But depending on the nature of your data and the protection you have shielded your phone with, this could be no major issue for you at all.

What are the challenges?

Typing could be a challenge, at least in the beginning. It is often annoying for the regular user to have to engage in lengthy typing. It is irritating, especially if you tend to struggle tapping the right letter at once. This is correctable, of course. One gets used to quick and accurate typing, if they have the patience. It Is still more time-consuming than computer-typing but it certainly is manageable.

Another potential issue is the multitasking on your phone. And it’s not just the occasional overlap between a call and the need to access important information during it. It is not always convenient to have to rummage through your phone for documents, spreadsheets, sites or links at the same time. For this task, the computer is still a bit handier, especially if you are in a hurry and can’t afford to waste time.

High-profile figures use their mobiles to manage business

If there is one powerful stat that is going to convince our readers that managing a business on the mobile phone works it’s going to be the following: 90% of the 511 executives surveyed by Forbes Insight in 2013 admitted to using their mobile phone to gather business information. And 10% of the participants confirmed that they use their smartphone as an exclusive device for day-to-day decision making. Mind you, we are talking about the top of the crop here.

And to add more flavour to the brute facts – the vice president of Salesforce and the general manager of Coca-Cola reportedly said that they run most of their business from their mobile phone.

It will change your daily routines

The psychological aspect of the move should also be taken into consideration. It is probably true that everyone gets sick of working in an office 9 to 5, and craves a new place where they can rekindle their entrepreneurial fire. If you manage your business from the phone, then you can go wherever you want to get your job done, especially if you are looking for inspiration. Your mobile phone unchains you from the office and allows you to roam free and tickle your creativity to offer better service to the consumers.

But at the same time, it is not too hard to find yourself dragged so deep into the business that there no longer exists such thing like non-working hours. Your daily routines will undoubtedly change and you know best how a change of this nature will affect your personal and professional life.


From our point of view, it is theoretically possible to run a business entirely from your mobile phone. The effort requires patience and learning to be comfortable with some initial inconveniences. And yet, it opens up new opportunities allowing you to break boundaries while making business. You can find a couple of perfect spots you feel comfortable in, so you can relieve the work-related stress, and proceed with your operations with a sharp mind.

While we like the idea, it is entirely up to you to appraise if transferring all your business to your mobile phone, is the right thing to do at the moment.

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